Monday, 27 February 2012

Can Email Marketing be a Conversionation?

I am beginning to see a trend, and as more insightful folks like Rien van den Bosch over at and Scott Cohen from both point out, email marketing need not be a one way megaphone.

It should be relevant to everyday conversation, or at least a conversion starter.

Death to the no-reply@

Why not integrate more closely with and engage in an ongoing on a day to day campaign.
The advantages to this "new" approach are clear.

Rien, got me thinking about getting conversation started about this, I'd recommend giving the article a read.

I'd also like to mention a nice post at

Happy Branding.

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  1. I agree that email should be far more engaging than one way newsletters or email updates from @noreply senders. In my opinion, I believe most organizations choose the to send newsletters is because they would prefer to push information instead of making it collaborate. The other could be simply because the same organizations don't fully understand how to manage the types of conversations, and by that I mean track centrally the queries that come off the back of these email communications. Ultimately the issues is ensuring that every time an email communication is sent out from an organization, you need to ensure that there is a good structure in place to handle inbound / reply queries if your email is that collaborative.