Thursday, 3 May 2012

Announcing CSV bulk import and update for Sender Address Data

   The BrandFu Team is pleased to announce the release of the
   new CSV bulk import and update feature, for provisioning and managing your
   sender address data.

  Feature Overview

   Quickly and Easily Create and Update Sending Address Details

   You can now manage a single CSV file of all your sender address data and use
   this data source to create new address records, as well as upload the same
   file to apply any changes to existing address details.
   We'll manage the process seamlessly for you, so all you have to do is manage
   your changes and new records in the CSV and we'll do the rest.

   Easy Mapping of CSV data to System and Custom Attributes

   In addition the address import/update functionality allows you to quickly
   map CSV data columns to either system attributes (e.g. First Name, Last
   Name, Job Title) or to your own custom fields, which will be created as
   custom address attributes.
   These address attributes can then be quickly merged into signature fields
   for your senders signatures.

   How does it work?

   To begin using the CSV Import Features, visit the "Addresses" area and then
   click the Import Addresses button on the right side-bar:


   A dialog box appears, allowing you to choose your CSV file on your PC and
   then upload it:


Choose your local CSV file and then click the "Upload File" button.
After you do this, you will see a mapping dialog which allows you to map your CSV data columns to system or custom address attributes:


Once you click Import addresses, we'll either create a new address detail record for you, or if the email address already exists we'll update it.

NOTE: All newly created addresses are added to the system as inactive, so please remember to activate them one the import is complete.

Till next time...
Happy Branding

Sam Gelbart
Product Manager

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